Your Story is your Brand. Be Brave. Tell it.

April 3, 2014 – By Bruce Wilhelm

Is storytelling just a the newest marketing trend? You see storytelling illustrated everywhere; business publications like The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company and the Harvard Business Review.


So many times we think the only way to win business is to do something newer, quicker or cheaper; to offer our “what” or “how” somehow better than our competition. In reality, storytelling has been with us since the beginning of communication-it’s essential to engage your audience and make your message


It’s proven, people are more compelled by your story than your facts and figures. Your story, your passion, your “why” is emotional – the reason people do business with you and your employees
engage in their jobs.


As humans we share stories as a way of connecting and understanding each other. It’s the “secret sauce” the get us to take action. Successful companies have been using their stories to engage the emotions of their customers, employees and other stakeholders.


Stories guide us, they grab our attention, they motivate us to take action. Stories stay with us and are memorable.


Apple, WestJet, Disney, Nike, Coca-Cola not only use stories to market, they use stories to engage and motivate employees and manage their operations.


Canada’s WestJet is masterful at using stories to connect customers, employees and the world to their customer experience. The “Power of Social”, this YouTube video story has been viewed more than 38,000,000 times.


“WestJet Christmas Miracle”



Coca-Cola inspiring “creation of happiness” helps connect us at in our true nature



Apple’s communication, of course, is ripe with stories. They continually put us into their why, and “make us care”



Crafting a story is more art than science. It’s a craft. Stories make you care. They inspire, teach, inform and influence. They touch our hearts and souls.


Storytelling with heart.


Storytelling With Heart. from stillmotion on Vimeo.



Look around you. Listen. The world is full of incredible stories; stories that people want to tell, hear and feel. All of us at TouchPoint want to hear from you, hear your stories, help you discover more stories. Post below, we promise to get back with you.




Bruce Wilhelm

is the founder of TouchPoint. He lives in Denver, Colorado. Bruce has developed a strong, multidimensional team around the business of storytelling to enhance communication and marketing. You can follow Bruce on LinkedIn and Twitter.