Edward Done

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Edward Done


Director Cinematographer Storyteller Light Magician

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“The important thing is how it is told visually, dialogue should be like music in the film.”
Vilmos Zsigmond


The Shadow Knows…


I pause when I think of this phrase, because the power of light is the shadows.


I discovered storytelling in College. I started as a modern dancer working on ways to tell stories in abstract ways. It was fun but I was not finding the power in my stories. Using lighting for dance and theatre I continued to work on the techniques of creating environments that can communicate the emotion, and I was still missing something.


I discovered filmmaking. I started with pushing the dolly, I loved it. I learned to choreograph for the visual story. Then I worked with the lighting and grip gear that used light to create shadows.
This is when I found that visual story-telling was the medium where I could use all of my training.


Lighting is the beauty, the shadow is the power. I discovered the stories in the shadows.