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The Colorado Rockies credit Doug for their participation in the World Series. Convergent Media credits Doug for a 700% increase in sales. And Doug’s client list reads like a who’s who of the government and corporate world.


Doug’s third book, The Missing Piece in Leadership: How to Create the Future You Want, released in November 2011, is in its second printing. He has also co-authored two other books, Enlightened Leadership: Getting to the HEART of Change and Leadership Made Simple. Enlightened Leadership is in its 31st printing and is used in numerous colleges, universities, and corporate and government leadership development and change management programs. Doug served as part of the MBA Program at Johns Hopkins University’s Division of Public Safety Leadership for 15 years.


“We continue to invest in the latest technologies and systems, but as we all know, technology is only a facilitator. The people operating the technology is what gives us the fighting edge, and we seem to have lost our way when it comes to helping them grow. Doug’s book is a key piece in helping organizations get results through their people.

D. Michael Abrashoff
Author, It’s Your Ship


The essence of Doug’s work is built around the premise that the core of what makes an effective and inspiring leader cannot be taught, not in the traditional sense; it has to be brought out from within. With a diverse career as an entrepreneur and management consultant, Doug has proven skills for effectively creating powerful organizational results. Through ‘enter-Trainment’, Doug provides inspiration and information, givin participants tools that are immediately applicable. Groups actively participate in their own discovery through simple, yet powerful exercises.


Doug’s primary role is helping top executive teams create and sustain the focus and alignment essential to successfully dealing with today’s most pressing leadership challenges. This includes working with governors’ cabinets, the executive teams from most government agencies, and numerous executive teams from the corporate arena.


A partial list of Doug’s clients: VA, FBI, DEA, CDC, EPA, IRS, N4A, NOAA, USDA, NASA, NASDAQ, Wyle, Avaya, Verizon, Ericsson, The Hartford, General Electric, Georgia-Pacific, Reynolds Metal, General Motors, Lockheed-Martin, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marshals, US Coast Guard, US Secret Service, Army Corps of Engineers, Library of Congress, Medicare/Medicaid, US Health and Human Services, Office of Personnel Management, Department of Interior, Department of Labor, Colorado State Patrol, University of Maryland PD, Governors’ cabinets for the states of Hawaii, Utah, and Colorado.