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Bruce Wilhelm


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Bruce has been passionate about marketing and creating customer experiences surrounded by authentic value since 1977 when he took over the leadership of his family’s third generation landscape care business. Bruce discovered his professional storytelling while working video storytelling projects with the Visual Story Group in 2013. But really his life has been a journey about discovering stories.


TouchPoint was created to honor storytelling as a foundation for helping businesses and other organizations connect with their their story, their WHY. The power of incorporating (and communicating) your story and passion to your customers, stakeholders.


I’ve got a story in mind.
Well actually, not in my mind.
Stories arise from the heart.
Stories evoke emotion, connection.
My life has been a journey about discovering stories.


Just ask my wife,
Every client I talk to has a story , a journey, a unique life perspective and I bring them all home because I find them so interesting and so compelling. I tell them all to Shelley.
Sorry, Shelly. Honey.


Then there’s my story.
I grew up in a large family with a landscape business. Eventually, I ended up running the company.
And the most important lesson I learned is this:
Nobody cares what I know until they first know that I care.


In this age of digital connection and emotional isolation, we can refocus our efforts
to let the world know who we really are.
By simply telling stories.


In case you missed it,


I love stories.