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The Back Story

The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) understands the importance of addressing the issue of prescription drug abuse, the fastest growing drug problem and leading cause of injury death in the U.S. and Colorado. In 2012, more than twice as many people in Colorado died from overdose than from drunk-driving related crashes.  DORA was proactive in creating The Electronic Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP), a secure database that provides information to assist prescribers in providing treatment for their patients by allowing them to gather information that is pertinent to ensuring their prescribing is appropriate for the circumstances presented.


The Opportunity

In Colorado less than 30% of prescribers use the site, however with significantly increased implementation and usage, the PDMP could help to affect prescription drug abuse in Colorado from both the economic and social responsibility areas.  To accomplish this, DORA is spearheading an initiative to improve the effectiveness of the PDMP through legislation and initiatives that will influence and improve the use and functionality of the PDMP database. The challenge is to help inform and change perspectives of prescribers and the public through providing compelling and memorable messaging.  To meet this challenge, DORA partnered with TouchPoint Strategic (TPS) to define a PDMP Visual Storytelling Message, using funding from targeted federal grant money.


The Solution

TPS is worked closely with DORA to capture the essence of the impact of prescription drug abuse on individuals, families and communities, while also sharing a solution (the PDMP) that could consistently and measurably change outcomes and save lives by sharing compelling testimonials from prescribers.  The story, in final draft helps to establish emotional and intellectual relevance of prescription drug overdose to prescribers and the public, and will ultimately help support additional planned communication and outreach efforts to dramatically increase the prescriber use of the PDMP.


The Contrast

Most states, including Maryland, have a similar prescription drug monitoring program to Colorado. Maryland’s PDMP is is the Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients (CRISP). In contrast to the video TPS created with DORA, the CRISP video is lacking emotion, a compelling story, and a personal experience, just two prescribers and a state official have their perspectives heard. The audience is introduced to CRISP by the Deputy Secretary of Public Health Services who is reading straight from Que cards, straight faced, prompted and emotionless. The video sheds some light on a few prescribers’ perspectives and how CRISP has become a vital part of success in their personal practices; it leaves the audience feeling educated but without a connection, nothing memorable strikes them. In a time when people are looking for something to reach out and grab them this video falls short of its mission to inspire prescribers, pharmacists and patients to commit to the consistent use of CRISP to reap the benefits of this life-saving tool.





June 01, 2014

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