Komen for the Cure 2011 – 2013 – Tommy Collier Productions

Organizational Story

We all enjoy being entertained. The lights, graphics, music, pictures and a good story stir-up emotion inside us. Video visual storytelling goes beyond what a speaker can do. Many times at non-profit events there are hundreds sometimes even thousands of people surrounding a stage where one person is telling their story, where most can barely see, hear or even get excited about what the speaker is saying. With video you can do so much more! Video has the ability to make the story more dramatic, compelling, emotional and raw. Adding pictures reminds the audience of their past and love ones they have lost or that have overcome trials and tribulations. Having music accompany the story sets the mood. Closeups make the audience feel like they are sitting on the couch across from the couple telling their story, the speaker becoming more relate-able throughout the video.


This compelling video was made in 2011 by TouchPoint partner Tommy Collier Productions for Komen for the Cure. It was important for Komen to tell a compelling story and keep the keep the video project cost affordable.


You can view the Komen 2012 project here


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