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The Back Story

The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) through its Consumer Outreach Program (COP) has an opportunity to enhance its community awareness and understanding of DORA’s responsibilities and objectives, as well as evoke internal organizational and cultural change in an effort to empower management and employees, with the ultimate goal being to measurably increase consumer protection and professionalism in the industries regulated by DORA.



The Opportunity

DORA sought the expertise of TouchPoint Strategic (TPS) to build on the momentum of the COP and achieve desired results, in the words of Barbara Kelley, the Executive Director, “to move the needle.”  Through extensive archeology and collaboration TPS uncovered a significant opportunity to enhance the effectiveness of DORA’s communication. TPS assisted DORA by adding emotional and compelling story components to enhance their already strong mission and vision to the three Stakeholder Audiences – employees, licensees, and the public.  The vehicle to drive this outcome would be Visual Storytelling.



The Solution

“Cookie’s Story” was created!  The visual story featured two extraordinary women:  a speech pathologist faced with an enormous regulatory issue that could end her 30-year career and more importantly her ability to change the lives of children with devastating challenges, and a DORA employee who went through hoops to “save the day!”  This insightfully crafted story was a gateway for humanizing DORA and an opportunity to establish the emotional and intellectual relevance of the DORA Mission and Vision for all respective audiences, thus enhancing the effectiveness of the COP.


Touch Point Strategic


October 07, 2013

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