Visual Storytelling

NO – we don’t make videos! We do something compelling different.


Something more captivating and forceful. We tell Visual Stories. Visual Stories are “content rich” in a way that is unmatched by any other media or state-of-the-art technology. Visual Stories are the power and purpose of a story told in film. Engaging, emotional, real, true and connecting. All of us long to connect with stories – emotionally, aesthetically, intellectually. It’s in our nature. It resonates, making us care about more than just ourselves.


The Visual Storytellers at TouchPoint Strategic have been telling stories on film for more than a decade; crafting storylines, finding the raw, honest, and compelling message, and delivering it in a way that challenges us to discover what matters. Visual Stories provide the opportunity to inform and influence in an entirely more effective way.


Review the case studies of the stories we and others have told, and notice the enormous difference when the focus changes away from features and benefits to creatively telling a story.


Our team has a rich history of telling masterfully engaging and compelling Visual Stories. Discover how.