Training and Coaching

Effective leadership is a requirement for success.


As you know, touchpoints aren’t only important in interaction with customers. The touchpoints that happen between employees, members, and stakeholders will either make you more targeted, aligned and effective or conversely, create an organization that is confused and has perhaps lost its way. At TouchPoint Strategic we believe that one of the most foundational services we offer our clients is superior leadership tools, training and coaching. Your organization’s culture is built on your people and how well they relate, communicate and embrace your organization’s mission. Our work is designed to support and propel your story and possibilities into your culture.


We believe strongly that integrating the right tools, coaching and employee engagement into your organization can mean the difference between success and mediocrity. Ask the stellarly successful companies, they’ll tell you.


  • Organizational Alignment projects


  • Leadership assessment and coaching, The Leadership Circle 360 tool and others.


  • Presentation and Communication workshops, coaching and programs.


  • Custom business specific training and curriculum.