Thai Life Insurance – Visual Story Language

In our Story Language – what language is spoken is irrelevant, and sometimes useless for communication.  Our best stories emerge from our heart and soul with Grace and beauty. Well told stories, no mater what language, powerfully reflect our connection with with each other and ourselves. Like poetry our stories help move us into what matters to us most, our humanness; the messy, sometimes tragic, sad, joyful, emotional, and deeply help parts of us where we harbor our greatest fears, most tender loves and our true potential.

We can be best known through our stories, they can inspire us and others, to move out of the mundane and routine and into our greater possibilities. They remind of us of our WHY so our WHAT and HOW become clearer.


Whether we freely admit it or not, all purchase decisions reside in the emotional. We are emotional creatures after all. Nothing else matters as much. Thai Life Insurance understands how their WHY connects with your WHY. Apple understands it, WestJet understands it. The question is, do you understand it; yet?


We all have powerful, yet sometimes, undiscovered stories. Stories that can add emotional meaning to our businesses, connect us with our customers and inspire our employees. Isn’t it time your started telling your story?


1. Father and Son



2.Mae Toi



3. My baby



4. The Silence of Love



5. Unsung Hero



“What does he get in turn for doing this every day?
He gets nothing.
He won’t be richer.
He won’t appear on TV.
Still anonymous.
And not a bit more famous
What he does receive are emotions
He witnesses happiness.
Reaches a deeper understanding.
Feels the Love
Receives what money can’t buy
A world made more beautiful
And in your life?
What is it that you desire most?
Thai Life Insurance. Believe in good.”


Thai Life Insurance commercials succeed because the company realizes that fear is no longer the best incentive for customers to buy an insurance policy. People go into denial or defiance when they are scared. This commercial sells their policies based on two beliefs: Life is meaningless if you are alone and everyone will eventually die.

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