Proof Storytelling Works

The Westjet Miracle of Christmas Campaign is proof storytelling works.  This campaign was launched on December 8, 2013 made an incredible impact and became a viral sensation as the #1 trending topic globally the day after it was launched.  With over 35 million views and 1 billion twitter impressions in a month!


What makes this campaign successful? It’s memorable. It’s authentic. It’s impactable. It’s full of emotion; tears, laughter and joy.  It sparks the audience to think about miracles in their own life, engages them emotionally and shows them the human face of Westjet. In a time of sensory overload, people are searching for more depth and meaning.  They are looking to support companies that do something meaningful, Westjet has the right idea.


The Christmas Miracle Campaign uses characters, setting and storyline to engage the audience emotionally. They do this by being real and authentic. They invited the involvement of their customers to help them show the human side of their brand.


Westjet Miracle of Christmas:Real-Time Giving



Their video was shared by millions of people in over 235 countries, through multiple social networking outlets, email and the mainstream media.  Since the story was fascinating, compelling, and genuine it hit a nerve with the audience. Consumer advocates began to promote the story for millions to see.


Why it’s successful
over 36 million views on youtube
196,923 likes on youtube
20,181 comments on youtube
(data from July 1, 2014)


Westjet was consistent in the launch of their campaign; they used social media, television airtime, and their website to promote this campaign.  The outcome was huge! It was featured in over 1,600 media stories, site traffic increased 100%, bookings increased 77% and revenue increased 86%.  To get big results tell your story. Good stories sell themselves.


by Bonita Dungan

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